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Constipation: 6 Home Remedies for Constipation – Instant Pain Relief

Constipation - Home Remedies - Chronic Constipation - Constipation in Kids - Constipation Relief - Constipation Pain - Belly Pain - Qabz - Instant Relief

Constipation is Mother of 90% of diseases. Constipation means Bowel movement is tough or happen less as compared its normal, which can be due to Irritable bowel syndrome.  Almost everyone faces constipation sooner or later. However, with Home Remedies for Constipation, it can be cured well in time. The normal time period for one time bowel movements are different from ...

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Most Powerful Duas from Quran to Save Money in Low budget

Save Money Most Powerful Dua

Most powerful duas from quran : Everyone wants to know that how to save money properly and managing bills and money till the end of month. But unfortunately, at the beginning some of you fails to save the money. In this regard, you have several question in your mind that are how to save money properly how to manage personal ...

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10 Best Eye Care Tips Suggested by Optometrist – Ophthalmologist

Eye care is essentially required to save you from eyeglasses. Just imagine, you visited your nearest vision center. Take an eye exam. Eye doctor will suggest you contact lenses or eyeglasses according to your week eyesight. Now you always bound to eye-wear recommended by you optometrist / Ophthalmologist. Eye care is also essential because we only look / feel the ...

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