Anorexia Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Easy Home Treatment

Anorexia Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Easy Home Treatment

Anorexia DefinitionAnorexia Definition - Effected Person - suffered by Anorexia

Anorexia Definition : Anorexia is an eating disorder or  loss of appetite. Men or women who suffer with Anorexia feels extremely low body weight or needless weight loss, irrational fear of weight gain, and distorted perception of self-image and body.

Major Types of Anorexia

There are two major types of anorexia, anorexia Nervosa and restrictive Anorexia Nervosa, described below in details:

  • Anorexia Nervosa

    Anorexia Nervosa is a result of over feelings of guilt of woman or man (sufferer) would feel with respect to eating; they relief by vomiting, abusing, performing excessively exercising at home, playing games at grounds.

  • Restrictive Anorexia Nervosa

    Man or woman who suffer by restrictive anorexia nervosa intake / ingest limited amount of food. In this type, suffer loss his body weight slowly down due to low quantity of ingesting of food. Even basic body requirement will not actually meet. Resultantly sufferer lose body weight and get weaker day by day.

Anorexia Definition, Causes, Symptoms & Easy Home Treatment

Factors Leads Anorexia

Basically the following 02 factors leads anorexia;

  • Biologically Factor

    Biologically factor consist on Improper hormones functions, Genetics and Nutritional deficiencies occurs due to lack of body requirements time to time. In improper hormones function, we see ups and downs of hormones itself. Similarly, Genetics we have found tie between anorexia and gens of sufferer. The last thing is Nutritional deficiencies. These all three things based on loss of appetite. Infect, when a person facing loss of appetite, its body doesn’t take proper nutritions and in result, weight loss comes true.

  • Environmental Factor

    Environmental factors are very simple but have too much effects itself. Environmental factors consisting on

  1. Media reinforce Thin People as Model ( this called thin culture in media)
  2. Career requirement such as Modeling, TV Artist which requires thin body.
  3. Traumas at any stage of life
  4. Friends and co-workers pressure for looking sexy and thin

Signs & Symptoms of Anorexia

  1. Diet without necessity (underweight dieting)
  2. adopting ceremonial eating designs, like cutting of food into too many tiny pieces, alone eating habit and hiding food by sitting alone
  3. Intake or Eating fixed food, recipes, or cooking items.
  4. Depression
  5. Traumas
  6. Growth of soft or fine hair on face and other body parts
  7. Extraordinary of Feeling Cold
  8. Loss of hairs / thinning hairs
  9. Ignorance for family and friends.

Anorexia Home Treatment

  • Just take seven (07) pieces of Black Gram, five (05) pieces of Almonds and Eight (08) numbers of Raisins.

  • Dip these pieces into water at the time to bed.

  • Grind all these pieces early in morning and eat.

  • This quantity is for adults. For Kids, just take 1/4th of said ingredients. After few couple of days anorexia affective person will eat everything with happy mode. He never denied to eat anything.

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