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Blood Drops On Floor Or Real Blood on Floor, Islamic View

Occurring of unpleasant incidents is the part of life. However, if someone is repeatedly facing problems like health disorders, financial issues and other unpleasant incident then it may be due to black magic. In order to manage situation like that, first you have to know about possibilities of blood drops on floor. Here are some of possibilities enlisted for your kind consideration;

Possibilities of Blood Drops on Floor;

It is possible that the blood drops on floor is not due to black magic. Question is that how we can find the method through which we may able to acknowledge about truth. Find out some possibilities, which are;

Blood of human being

The drops may be of any human being injured by anything. In such condition, first investigate your body injury. Sometimes, we don’t know about minor injury. Even, drops of blood also visible on your dress.  

Blood of cat / pet

It is also possible that blood drops is

Flying bird Blood

Symptoms of Blood Drops on Floor;

Health Disorders

Financial Issues

Body Fatigue & weakness

Unpleasant Incidents

Islamic View of Blood Drops on Floor

Treatment of Blood Drops on Floor

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