Urine Control Desi Home Remedy

Control Urine With In 08 Days – Desi Home Remedy – Prostate Glands

Patients suffered with prostate glands weakness are usually unable to control urine. This is due to passage of urine through weak walls of these glands. The glands acts as walls and due to glands weakness, control urine is much difficult. In result, there are no hurdle found in the way of urine passage and it will flow through these weak walls without any control.

Control Urine - Desi Home Remedy

Control Urine - Desi Home Remedy

Usually, the number of people who are unable to control urine is 80% after the age of 50-55 years. To control urine, below Desi home remedy is one of the best home treatment. Urine Control within 08 days is possible now. This great and effective home remedy will cure all the weakness of prostate walls. Patients of prostate glands will also be able to pass out its urine with fully control.

Control Urine

Patients who are unable to urine control feel embarrassed in home especially in public place. Due to this, some of its patients avoided to go to public places. They limit their lives in their home. They are also avoid long journeys. The reason behind it is only that they are unable to control urine.

To urine control, following is one of the most effect home remedy. The procedure of manufacturing this remedy at home stage is quite simple but somehow lengthy. The time required for 08 days dosage is approximately 40 days. After 40 days, once the remedy has to ready, next 08 days are only required for cure of incurable prostate glands problem.

Desi Home Remedy For Control Urine

Remedy is as under;

Take 36 Desi Eggs. Save the Rinds of these eggs. Now insert these rinds into clay pot and then buried this pot till next 40 days. After every 04 days, shake these rinds with the help of wood stick and re-buried again and again. On 40th day, open it and grind the egg’s rind completely. The remedy is in final shape.

The patient who are unable to control urine or have week prostate glands may take 1/8th tablespoon twice a day. Best timing for dosage is early morning before eating and late night. The patient who are unable to control urine will surely cured only within next 08 days.

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