Dreams Comes True - Mainy is amal se bohat kuch paya

Stay Healthy, Get More Money & Live Happy, Effective Formula

Stay Healthy is not a dream because dreams comes true when struggle have been made for approaching desired target. Live healthy, wealthy and happy life is also only possible when all of desired may fulfilled. Look a light sight on lives of successful people. They only struggle hard and hard to achieve the goal of life. Today, we share Desi tips for dreams comes true topic. It will be encourage all of you to become more successful.

Dreams Comes True - Mainy is amal se bohat kuch paya

Stay Health With Happy Life

The one and only thing which make you able to achieve life’s goal is hard working and struggle. However, following are some simple tips which may helpful to you to achieve life’s goal in easy way;

  • Hard working & Struggle

  • Right Work – Right Direction

  • Make Effective Planning

  • Fix the Target

  • How Dreams Comes True

Hardworking & Struggle

Hardworking is key to get desired goal of life. There is nothing without hard working. Keep remember that don’t lose your hope for life’s goal. Make more effort and struggle, if you fails once. Retry with your failure experience and approach with effective plan.

Right Work – Right Direction;

Every time when you have a goal to achieve, choose the right work with right direction. Remember that every man is not for every job. Similarly, you have ability to do some specific jobs only. Secondly, before starting of job, get the right knowledge. This knowledge will make a right path towards target.

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Make Effective Planning

After getting / choosing the right work and right direction, planning is necessary to get desired goal well in time. Plan with on the base of best knowledge and past experience. This will minimized the chance of failure.

Fix Your Target

Always fix target while preparing an effective planning. Dreams comes true only when all levels planning beautifully.

How Dreams Comes True

Get up before morning-prayer. Make prayer (salat) for dreams comes true. The method of recitation in prayer is as under;

  • In first rukat; recite Sorah Fatiha 41 times and Sorah Ikhlaas one time.
  • In second rukat; recite sorah fatiha one time and sorah ikhlaas 41 times.

After completion of above prayer, make dua with fully faith on ALLAH AL-mighty. He never return your desired in that time. Just pray and forward your desired in words. Your dreams comes true and you will live happy, wealthy and best life.

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