how to find something you lost

How To Find Something You Lost in Quick & Easiest Way

The Situation is very tensile & alarming when you something lost precious or costly. The problem may increased when the same would not found. Sometimes we place things ourselves but after couple of hours on its requirement, we totally forget the right place. This is called misplacing of items.

Sometimes, things were also misplaced due to kid’s Wickedly. Don’t be anger on them. Just calm down and read Prayer For Children Which Makes them Most Obedient

In the meanwhile, we thought that someone else theft our stuff. At that moment we may lose all of our hopes and thing about the said thing may not found able forever.

Todays, we have best solution about How To Find Something You Lost in Quick & Easiest Way (only within few hours). First of all after loss of something, just calm down and follow up simple tips;

Check where the thing ought to be first inevitably. That is, whether you generally put your keys by the entryway, look by the entryway first. …

  • Tidy up
  • Be efficient
  • Check odd spots
  • Look altogether
  • Check your pockets
  • Check your auto
  • Follow your Means

how to find something you lost - Gumshuda cheezoun ko dhoundinay ka tareeka

Find Something You Lost Quickly

The process which I have performed at the time of above situation is very unique and so simple. You can do the same alone or with your own family together. However, I performed it with my family. However, the process is described in below;

Recite Ya-Jame-o….Ya-Moeed-o

To find of any lost or misplaced item, just recite Ya-Jame-o,,,Ya-Moeed-o continuously all of you family members together. Insha ALLAH, misplaced item will be found in next few hours. This process is best to finding the misplaced items.


Prior to explain the process, some experiences which we noticed after applying this process are described below for your knowledge.

When I lost my House Keys;

Big houses are also a cause of lost of things. Here is an Easiest way to get own home. I lost my own house keys some days ago when I tour to near village. On back, there is no more option except break the lock of Main Door of My House. One more thing which I may want to bring into your good knowledge is that I am not so healthy person who can break lock easily.  For this thing I call my neighbor to sort out this problem. Thus he told me about this great process which I have performed.

After processing the same while my house keys were automatically be found from my back pocket. I surprised about the same because I have checked already thrice this pocket.

How I Find My Gold Ring

Similarly, the story quoted above, I lost my Gold which is round about 250$ costly. I worried about how I can find my costly Gold Ring. Thus the above process blink in my mind. I start the same and while I am performing, I sure my Gold ring would be found in next 02 hours. As per expectations, the Gold Ring found after 01 hour. The said Ring laid on top of kitchen Rack.


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