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How I get a Free Umrah Ticket is today’s topic. Story behind the scene is too short. Me and my wife always discuss “how we may visit King Saudi Arabia and perform Umrah. The reason behind “how” is financial problems. We have not such an amount for umrah ticket, visas, transportation and for necessary medical facility. Read 40 dua during your umrah journey.


Free Umrah Ticket 1

Free Umrah Ticket

free umrah ticket

Everyone in my relatives knows that journey to King Saudi Arabia is impossible for us at this stage. However, we contact with Ubqari’s Office and communicate regarding aforesaid problem. In response, Wazifa for getting free umrah ticket given us by Hakeem Tariq Mahmood Chugtai, Editor of Ubqari Magazine.

We starts recitation of this wazifa on daily basis. A man, came to our home within next ten days and give us an amount of 60 thousand Pakistani rupees. We are totally amazed on his act. Here we face one more problem further. This amount is less than actual amount we required for our expenditures.

Thus, we called to Ubqari’s Office once again. After listing, they have further guide us for continuation of same wazifa. In the meanwhile, we are in touch with an overseas agent and ask to arrange umrah ticket.

During next month, we received a call from local agent. He told us that two tickets (37 thousands each) have been booked for us. Suddenly I thought that how I will manage balance amount of expenditure such as visas fee, transportation, medical treatment etc.

On next day, with the blessing of My ALLAH Almighty, we have received a call from that guy who already give us 60 thousands rupees. He wana to give us further 40 thousands rupees. The next moment, I got shocked.

I have performed Umrah with complete faith and true spirits. ALLAH will never leave his worshipers. Only the condition is that we make complete faith on him.

Wazifa for Free Umrah Ticket

Wazifa is based on last verse i.e verse 129 of Sorah Toba (shown in below image). Recite it as you can, and see how ALLAH will fulfill all of your dreams and wishes in due course.

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  1. Assalamu alaikum,
    I Mohamed Lafeerdeen from Sri Lanka. Sir, we are pour people. If you can please help us to make Umrah with my family.
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  3. App sa Requst ha muja umrah ka aik free tickdt April ka Anyat kr da Umar bar all ko dua do ga thnks mara no 03318457888

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