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How to Gain Weight – Weight Gainer Best Remedy – Gain weight Tips

Gain weight according to your body is very essential to look healthy. The underweight persons worried and find solution regarding “how to gain weight fast”. In this article, you have to find fastest way to gain weight as according to your height.

Some people are naturally underweight but still healthy. Value of Body Mass Index (BMI) tells us that we are underweight or not. If the value is less than 18.5 of BMI scale then you are surely underweight and needs to gain weight.

Conversely, over 25 value of BMI scale shows that you are overweight and need to lose weight. To find out your BMI value, use this calculator to see where you fit on the BMI scale

However, remember one thing that currently some issues observed with the BMI scale, which only looks at weight and height. It does not take muscle mass into account. So if we add muscle mass into value taken by BMI, its value will change. Being underweight according to this scale does not necessarily mean that you have a health problem.

gain weight - how to gain weight - how to gain weight fast - weight gain - weight gainer - gain weight fast

Weight Loss Causes

There are several causes why people have to face weight loss. Genetics may one of these causes, but individual personality and the environment effect may also be considered as weight loss cause.

However, some of weight loss causes are enlisted below;

Eating Disorders

Individual may unable to gain weight as BMI scale till he is facing eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa (a serious mental disorder) may also considered weight loss cause.

Thyroid Test

Sometimes, low value of TSH shows in Thyroid test. Patient will not gain weight properly by this.


Extra high Sugar level in blood may also your body weight & create hurdles to gain weight. Know about health codes thats have the healing power.


Some of cancers (oral cancer, prostate cancer) burns large amount of calories. Due to lose of calories, weight loss happened.

How to Gain Weight Fast

Here are some simple weight gainer tips

Eating Before Meal

Unnecessary eating something before meals fills your stomach. It will make stomach harder to get in enough calories. Drink one glass of water before half hour of meal may wash your stomach.

Eat Something Extra

Add something different extra to your meal on daily basis. Also Squeeze in an additional meal or snack whenever you can.

Drink Milk

Sometimes when you feel thirst, drink milk. This is best and simple way to take high quality protein and calories.

Weight Gainer Foods

Make weight gainer foods and shakes at home. Weight gainer foods will give you protein, carbs and calories.

Take Extra Meal

Replace small plates with bigger ones. Put extra meal and gain more calories. Less eating is also a factor of underweight.

Add Cream

Foods containing cream is best way to gain weight fast. Cream produce more calories.

Muscle Building Supplement

Muscle building supplement can help you to gain weight.

Well Sleep

Proper sleeping have a big connection with your health. So, always sleep properly.

Protein First

If you have both foods i.e protein and vegetables then ear protein contained food first and vegetable in last.


Tabaco smoking is one of the important factor of weight losing. Avoid such type to get desired weight and height.

Fastest Way to Gain Weight

Here is one most powerful and fastest way to gain weight at home easily. Remedy is as under;

You need the following ingredients;

  • Fennel Seeds 250 grams

  • Poppy Seeds 125 grams

  • White pepper 5 grams

  • Misri 250 grams

  • Magaze Badam 250 grams

  • Tarphala 125 grams

  • Char Maghz 250 grams

Grind all of above ingredients and take TDS daily after meal. This is the best weight gainer formula.


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