Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity, gastric

Home Remedy to Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity, Gastric Problem in 30 Seconds

Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity and gastric problem quickly by magical homemade remedy. As we know all, spicy & fast foods are major causes that extend the stomach acidity & burning. Also, gastric issue is result of heavy diet & such fast & spicy food. It is fact that 90% stomach acidity have connection with bad food. However, if you suffer by stomach acidity, burning & gastric problem, then this article really for you. Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity

Firstly, we have to look what are the reasons / causes behind Stomach acidity, burning & gastric problem. We gave categorized some of them as follows;

Spicy & Fast Food

Spicy & fast food contain much acidity. Wall of stomach may damage with extra acidity. So, stomach will be happy if we eat simple and healthy food.

Heavy Meal

It is saying of Holly Prophet “Hazrat Muhammad” (P.B.U.H) that take the meal only 3/4 of your requirement & leave the remaining 1/4.

The saying itself is magical effect that stomach needs some extra place for produced gas during digestion. If there is no space then gas will move towards other organs and creates difficulties.

So, avoid heavy meal to Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity & gastric problem.

Less Meal

Similarly, Anorexia (eating disorder) may also cause of heartburn stomach acidity. Try out to control anorexia.

Rest after Meal

It has also been observed that rest after meal also increase the digestive problems.

Drinking water after Meal

Keep remember that don’t drink water after 02 hours once you have to meal. Quickly drinking habit after meal creates tummy pain as well.

Fried Foods

fried foods are also plays a big role in maximizing the stomach acidity. In result major issue could be occurs such as stomach ulcer, peptic ulcer etc.

Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity

The remedy to get rid stomach acidity quickly is unique as its results are magical. You have only to need one doze at the time of stomach acidity. You feel a cool stream in your stomach instantly. That’s why we have recommended the remedy.

Take following ingredients used for making the remedy;

  • White Sugar       250 grams

  • White soda         050 grams

  • Menthaceous     013 grams

Mix all the ingredients well and take 1/4th tablespoon of after meal every time. A cool stream will flow though bronchi towards stomach. Get Rid Heartburn Stomach Acidity & Gastric problem suddenly happened.

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