Easy Way to Know about hidden Reason behind illness

Easy Way to Know about hidden Reason behind illness

Diagnosing of illness could only be possible if you know about hidden reason behind illness. Patient may effected by body illness or Mentally illness. In both situations, the way of healing are different.

To diagnose a disease, specialists always take medical test according to illness (Black magic could also be reason). Actually doctor want to know about Hidden Reason behind illness. On the base of Lab test result, specialists can further advice to its patient. However, it has also been observed that patients who does not suffered with any disease, are still facing health issues. Is they affected by Black Magic or Mentally illness? Specialist takes their several medical tests but failed to diagnose the actual disease in said patient.

 hidden Reason behind illness

On the other hand, such patients are also worried owning to loss of extra expenditure processed on medical tests. Next thinking came to their mind is about black Magic. They thought that someone processed Black Magic for effecting their health. This could also be hidden Reason behind illness.

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To diagnose that you are suffering with disease or your problem is birth of Black Magic, try out this unique process. This process will help you to diagnose the real problem. Solution is as below;

Know about Hidden Reason behind illness

First of all take the Patient’s shirt, which he wears since last two or three days continuously. The point is most important. Don’t take the new shirt or the shirt washed after its using. Measure its length or note total length in inches.

Now recite any one Sorah (Ayat-al-Kursi, Sorah Fatiha, Sorah Kosar, Sorah Ikhlas, Sorah Nasar, Sorah Quraish) Seven times. Before performing the same process, recite 11 times Darood-e-Ibrahimi in beginning as well as in the end.

After completion of this process, again take measurement of patient’s shirt in inches. The result will come in 3 types;

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Patient’s Shirt Increased its Length;

If the measurement result is as the shirt’s length has increased in size, then the patient is affecting by Ghosts or something else like Ghosts.

Patient’s Shirt Decreased its Length;

In case, length of shirt has been decreased after said process, then the patient is affecting by Amulets. I have already write how you can find bad amulet and how Amulets Will Appear automatically from you home.

No Change in Length found

When the measurement of patient’s shirt is as equal before and after the above process, then the patient will definitely be affected by real body disease. Then the disease will be diagnose in medical test. You can also diagnose your disease with the help of nails.

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Cure in above First Two Cases

Here a question will definitely rise in your mind that how a patient can cure if he is affecting by first two cases described above in details. Cure process is also so simple. Just write that Sorah which you has recite in the time of process on simple paper. Role this paper and patient should use this as amulet in his neck. He will never be faced any problem in future, insha ALLAH.


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