Ameer honay ka wazifa, wazifa for paisa, money

How to Get Rich Fast Just in Few Days, Ameer Honay ka Wazifa

It is common saying that health is wealth. In my point of view, a man become rich when he is good in wealth as well as in health. Every person wants to be happy and richer to make his future tension free. However, situation is totally differ against his thoughts. He being facing lots of financial problems. The problems is due to several facts such as increasing prices of daily routine things, children school’s fees and other expenditures like electricity & gas bills. if you are a shopkeeper then you must read wazifa for business.

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Rozana Ghaib Se Milnay Ka Amal

To sort out these financial problems and live a happy life, the man performed extra job for earning extra money. Download 21 Din ka Daste-e-Ghaib ka amal. While making extra money, he loss his health due to excise of work. Moreover, in Asia, the number of working women are also increasing day by day for fulfill all the necessity expenditures.

To meet all the expenditures in good manner without performing extra job, we have a super effective spiritual process (ameer honay ka wazifa). Mr. Leaque Noor, a senior journalist writes about his experience regarding the same, which is as given below in details.

Ameer ( Rich ) Honay Ka Shartia Wazifa

The process which makes me rich is very easy. Just do as I described. This process contains on 21 days. The only one and hard condition of this process (Wazifa) is the start time. Care more about it. Perform this process after Magrib Prayer. On very first Sunday of any of Islamic month, start this process. Recite 7 times Darood.e.Ibrahimi in start and end of this process. Now recite Sorah Fateha (AL-HAMD Shareef) 70 times. This is the process for one day. Similarly on next day recite 6 times Darood.e.Ibrahimi in beginning and at end and recite 60 time Sorah Fateha. Now decrease 10 times recitation of Sorah ALhamdulilah on next coming days till Saturday.

Repeat the aforesaid process again on next two weeks. Insha ALLAH you will achieve all the financial goals with the help of this great spiritual process. May ALLAH Almighty showers his blessing to all readers of this articles and keep them saves and healthy life without having any financial problems.

Keep remembers DesiCure team into your precious prayers.

Effect Of This Process

The said process will effect in two manners.

Health Wise Effects:

Firstly, it will makes your health better. You just analyze your feeling before and after of proceed this process. You definitely found your health better than previous. All health related issues will end automatically by blessing of ALLAH Almighty. if you have any disease than try out to find Healing Cure Codes.

Makes You Rich:

Secondly, it will also resolve all financial related issues such as fulfill expenditures in less income. In short, the above described process will change your life completely in sense of health and wealth as well. Try out to make comparison both seasons, i.e; the period of your life prior to this process and the period of life after processing of this wazifa. (visit for more wazaif at ALWAZAIF

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