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What is Jaundice : Jaundice Treatment – Control High Bilirubin level In 7 Days

Jaundice Definition

Jaundice Patients suffered it when level of Bilirubin high in red cell blood. Bilirubin is a yellow-orange colored substance found in red cells of blood. At a level, these cell dead completely. Here the liver function acts and filtered these dead cells completely through bloodstream. The chapter does not closed here.

When liver fails (due to any reason) to extract dead cells through bloodstream, value of bilirubin enhanced in red blood cells. Enhancement of bilirubin in red blood cells can cause your skin to look yellow.

Jaundice - yarqan ka ilaaj urdu

Causes behind Jaundice

Few causes / reasons behind it are enlisted below;

Bile Ducts Blockage

Bile ducts are small thin tubes or ducts. These ducts carry a fluid “bile” from liver and gallbladder. Due to gallstones or some other reasons, these tubes get blocked. Blockage in bile ducts may affect liver function / working.

Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer like Pancreatic may also create blockage in bile ducts. Owning to blockage of bile ducts, liver may also effect. Read more at incurable cancer.

Medicine – Drugs

Some of medicine like penicillin, Pills (birth control), Steroids (weight gaining) may also create hurdle in lever functioning. Affect in shape of Jaundice will appear.


Hepatitis (A, B or C) cause by a short lived or chronic virus. Drugs for treating Hepatitis or autoimmune may also one of the common reason behind it.

Habitual Drinking

Habitual drinking (typically 07 to 10 years) damage the liver badly. In such case, alcoholic hepatitis may also occurs.

How Jaundice Diagnosed?

Normally, doctor takes bilirubin test for diagnosing it. Bilirubin test measures actual amount of enhanced bilirubin substance in red blood cells. If the level of bilirubin will high then you are suffering with Jaundice. Here an easy way to know your illness at home.

Doctor can further investigate about symptoms and case history. Sometimes, physical test or exam is also need to diagnose it. CBC test also find cause behind Jaundice.

Jaundice Treatment


Doctor treated it on condition that’s causing it. If hepatitis behind it, jaundice will go away when liver starts to heal. In other situation like bile ducts blockage, doctor suggest surgery to open it.

A spiritual prescription for Jaundice treatment has been examined on hundreds of its patients. At its initial or early stage, it would be cured just in three days.

Spiritual Prescription

You need two big needles and a brass bowl (full of water). To start this process, jaundice patient will lay down (straight) in front of you.

Now, take one big needle and touch its edge at head of patient. Turn down the needle (towards toe) with a very low pressure on it. While moving of turning down the needle, recite 07 times of AYAT UL KURSI and SORAH AL-FATIHA.

After completion of this process, dip the needle into water (brass bowl). Now repeat the same process with second needle.

The aforesaid process is for one day. Continue it till next seven days.

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