Pica - Pica Eating Disorder - Causes - Treatment - Child Eating Mud Treatment - Pica treatment - Pica in children - Pica iron deficiency

Pica: Pica Eating Disorder in Children – Child Eating Mud Treatment

A person affected with Pica Eating Disorder will only eat items which have no nutrition. The affected person will regularly eat harmless items like Ice, Mud or dirt. If feel acidity in stomach, read this article to get rid heartburn stomach acidity.

Sometimes it has also been observed that the affected person will eat dangerous items like flakes of dried pain or pieces of metal. It can be further lead to serious consequences, such as lead poisoning.

Pica - Pica Eating Disorder - Causes - Treatment - Child Eating Mud Treatment - Pica treatment - Pica in children - Pica iron deficiency

Pica - Pica Eating Disorder - Causes - Treatment - Child Eating Mud Treatment - Pica treatment - Pica in children - Pica iron deficiency

Pica In Children (Pica Eating Disorder)

Pica Eating disorder occurs in children and pregnant women in majority cases. When you feel burn sensation in hands and feet, try this to get rid from it. Basic cause behind pica in children is lack of zinc which is known as pica iron deficiency. Don’t fear with Pica eating disorder, it’s normally temporary. If you have control on its basic causes, pica will go automatically in few months. For example, if your child eat ice regularly, then understand your child to leave this habit. Once the cause of Pica Eating Disorder ends itself, pica will automatically leave.

Causes of Pica Eating Disorder

As stated earlier, pica will only suffered by people who eat nonfood items at least one month regularly or more. If you have pica, you may eat things like following;

  • Ice
  • Soap
  • Mud or clay
  • Hair
  • Dirt
  • Sand
  • Ash
  • Paint from wall
  • Glue
  • Chalk

Except of eating above nonfood items, Pica also have other causes behind it like lack of zinc known as pica iron deficiency, dieting or malnourishment, pica mental illness and geophagia.

Pica Iron Deficiency

Deficiency in iron, zinc, or other nutrient is also lead Pica. It is called Pica Iron Deficiency. For example, iron deficiency may be the underlying cause of pica in pregnant women then, unusual cravings will definitely sign that her body is trying to replace low nutrient levels.

Pica Mental illness

Sometimes, instead of iron or nutrient deficiency, it has also seen that people with certain mental health conditions such as schizophrenia may develop pica. It is known as Pica Mental Illness.


Eating of nonfood items such as Clay, Mud, Dirt, paint leads pica. This form of pica is called GEOPHAGIA.

Pica Treatment

For Pica treatment, follow the below procedure at home and get rid from pica eating disorder at home level. Rub seed (Gutli) of mango in fresh water. Patient who needs pica treatment drink this water twice a day. After few couple of days. He never make a wish for nonfood items. For any complication, consult immediate with doctor near at you.

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