Prayer For My Children Makes Obedient

Prayer For My Children Which Makes them Most Obedient

“I tried my best to always prayer for my children, even they disobeyed my orders”. Sons and daughters are most valuable assets for parents. Praying for your children can convert their disobeying into obeying.

Prayer For My Children Which Makes them Most Obedient

In Asia, parents gave all of precious time & spent money on their beloved sons in childhood. They invest money on their education and want to take profit in future (last stage of their lives).

As we know that in childhood, every child will learn by its surrounding. These adopted things added in his routine life silently and after a certain time, the same will appear as his habits. The said period has very importance in child’s life. The parents should need to look up on habits during this period. If necessary, they forbade their children by joining bad company. Simple, the sons in childhood are likes as modules which could be modified of molded (right or wrong) by parents themselves.

How to Cure Kids Bad Habits

The following 03 things are effective for leaving of kids bad habits. If you are father or mother then it will your responsibility to care for these things;

Parents Responsibility:

A big gap (friendship gap) found in between children (who disobeyed their parents) and parents. Try out to minimize the friendship gap between to your children and you. It will helps you to acknowledge children desires or necessities. Similarly, look at their daily time table (routine work).

If you feel that your children have connected in wrong terms with his / her friends then try to acknowledge the same to your child. Improve thinking of your child. Also see a list of parents responsibilities.

Care about Kids Necessities & Desires:

At schooling age, acknowledge the necessities and desires of your child. If you failed to fulfill basic necessities then the result will be occurred in disobeying. Try to make friendship relationship with children always. This will helps you to acknowledge problems occurred with your child.

Prayer for my children:

In Sorah Furqan, Verses # 74, we praying for good wife & good children. Include this beautiful prayer for kids into your daily routine life. Make uncounted recitation. You will get results in very first month of recitation. All the bad habits will left by your child and your child will be more obedient and more brilliant after that. So, keep praying for your kids of this verses and make to your son listen to you. I got amazing result with recitation of that verse for obedient.

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