12 Best Skin Care Beauty Secrets - Get Real Face Beauty Makeup Naturally

12 Best Skin Care Beauty Secrets – Get Real Face Beauty Makeup Naturally

Skin Care Beauty Secrets discovers real face beauty hidden behind your face. Makeup may only shine your face skin for some hours but skin care beauty secrets will shine and white your face skin for all the time. You get permanent whitening of whole body not only for face Skin.

12 Best Skin Care Beauty Secrets - Get Real Face Beauty Makeup Naturally

Skin Beauty – Makeup

In 1970’s, women only want to clean their face and hand skin. Whereas, the other body parts with the rest of time get blackish with respect to white face. This became fun.Later on, scientist invented some cure medicine for skin care. Which was injected into body and owing to this medicine, whole body get white after few couple of hours. Suddenly change of body color has big side effects by these medicines. Actually, scientist make the formula which will minimized the Melanin level in human body after its injection.

Beauty Secrets

Due to minimization of Melanin level, human body will look bright and white. The effect of this injection will remain till six to eight months once. However, these injections have too much side effects. Minimization of Melanin level directly affected to your Lever function. In the light of this, I personally requested to all of our readers that don’t inject these kind of injections at any stage of your life. Try 7 Days Beauty Cure Plan & Get Wrinkle Free & Brighter Face.

Skin Care Beauty Secrets

We have enlisted 12 best naturally method of Skin Care Beauty Secrets as following:

  1. Amazing Mixture To Get Instant Fairness & Whitening

Take two teaspoons of porridge, two teaspoons of dried milk, and two teaspoons of the mango marrow and grind all things well. This will become as cream. Massage on your entire body. You get fairness and whitening instantly by this mixture naturally.

  1. Fairy Glowing Face

Mix small pieces of ginger and mint in mango milkshake. This will give you fairy glow on your face. Fairy glow have too much importance in beauty.

  1. Naturally Body Scrub

Mix some of flour, dried milk and white sugar. This is an amazing body scrubs and will give the best natural brightness and whitening.

  1. Get Totally Changed Fairness

Take some Poppies (KhashKhash) and Gram Dal (Dal.Chana) and dip these two things in milk for next one hour. Now take out these things and mix yogurt in this. Blend these things now and after getting its paste, make small tablets. Now dip one tablet in fresh milk. After one hour, massage with it on your face and neck portion. This is awesome remedy for fairness which makes you totally change.

  1. 10 Minute Mask

Take Two Green Cardamoms, some fresh or dried (which one available) rose petals, Turmeric powder and two Almonds. Grind all elements and insert two teaspoon yogurt in this powder. This will as awesome mask for instant fairness just in 10 minutes at home. The peoples who have dry skin can put some olive oil in the above mask paste.

  1. Face Wrinkles, No More Time For You

Take dried zest of orange, yogurt, lemon juice, little turmeric and sandalwood powder. Mix all of these items and applied mixture on face daily for twenty minutes regularly. After one week there are no more wrinkles on your face. This is the real Skin Care Beauty Secrets.

  1. Small Dirt Dots Removing from Face

Take some mangoes and berries. Now take out their core from inner shield. Mixed it in water and applied on face. This will remove small dirt dots from your face.

  1. Make Naturally Cleansing At Home

Take fresh flower petals and boiled them in two glass water and cook well. Put boiled water into a glass bottle. Clean your face with this water at night, you will get clean face in a few days. It is an awesome natural cleanser.

  1. Lemon Power

Make some powder of Dal. Masur. Insert lemon juice in this powder. This is as best cleaner as well. Paste this on your face regularly some days. All the marks and dots will remove with in few days.

  1. For Dry Skin

Pour lemon juice and glycerin in yogurt. Massage the entire body before bathing with this mixture. It’s best for dry skins.

  1. Deep Cleansing Method

Dip pieces of kheera’s in rose water. After one hour massage on your face with these pieces.

  1. Face Inner Shiner

Mix Guluqand in milk and drink it daily. This will be shine your face internally.


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