Thalassemia Treatment – Home Remedy

Thalassemia Treatment – Home Remedy – Over 90% Thalassemia Patients Cured

By Thalassemia treatment – home remedy, over than 90% patients have been cured. This single Desi home remedy. They don’t further need to take blood from donors. Now they are living a happy life between their beloved ones.

What is Thalassemia

In Thalassemia disease, lever is unable to make blood as per requirement of human body. To complete the actual blood necessity or requirement in human body, thalassemia’s patients will always dependent on blood donors. Majority of patient must requires a specific amount of blood once in a single week. Difficulties will also occurs when the requisite blood group is not available by the donors.

In simple words, patients are totally dependent and needs special cure.

Types of Thalassemia

There are 02 types of thalassemia, here we only enlisted the names which are;

·        Major Thalassemia (totally depends on donors)

·        Minor Thalassemia (Blood could be produced)

Is Cousin Marriage Cause of Thalassemia?

Some of us have such type of question like

Is it true that cousin marriage leads thalassemia disease?

Relation between Parents is the most important in this regard. Through a recent survey of its patients, one and common thing have to be noted that the parents are cousins. If both the cousins are suffering with Minor Thalassemia then their baby have 95% to 98% chances of Major Thalassemia to avoid this thing, in first 03 months of pregnancy, a medical course is also introduced. However, some people doesn’t have any idea about aforesaid risk.

Prior to describe of remedy, I want to share some knowledge about herb which is known as “Berberis Aris-tata”.

Thalassemia treatment – home remedy is possible with only  “Berberis Aris-tata” herb. The said herb is also known as “Indian Barberry”. Berberis Aris-tata belongs to “ZARSHK” family of Botany. The herb has yellowish colored rout. The said herb is available through all over the world. In Pakistan, Berberis Aris-tata is known as SIMBLO or SIMLO. It is also available in Northern areas of the country. It has long routes. Routes of “Berberis Aris-tata” herb helps in thalassemia treatment – home remedy.

Remedy Procedure

Just take some unwrapped the zest from routes. Now dry these routes in shadow (not in sunshine). After drying process the route’s zest becomes more yellowish. Grind this yellowish form zest. You will find powder form. Now make zero sized capsule by this yellowish powder. Take 01 capsule in morning and 01 capsule in evening on daily basis.

Other Curable Diseases By “Berberis Aris-tata”

The other diseases which will be cured by “Berberis Aris-tata” is listed below;

  • Cancer
  • Chest cancer
  • High blood Pressure
  • Kidney Pain Relief
  • Hepatitis A, B & C Cure

Read more about thalass. just visit on MedlinePlus


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